Riveting systems



POP® brand is very well known today by almost every people works in industry. One-sided fastening method of blind rivet was patented in 1916 by a British aircraft manufacturer and Tucker Fasteners was the chosen for serial production because of his expertise. Demands for blind rivets highly increased during the Second World War made it known and widespread after it in every industrial segment.

Types of POP® products have been expanded not only increasing the range of rivets but also to offer blind river nuts and rapid fastening systems. Giving full technological support for customers, pneumatic and hand operated installation tools are available.

POP product groups:

Tucker Fasteners is the part of the market-leader Emhart Teknologies company is at the forefront in development and trying to react for customers needs to offer solution with new, innovative products. Biotek Kft distributes products of original POP® manufacturer to be at the front in solution oriented riveting technology.