Elesa + Ganter®

Standard machine elements



Elesa+Ganter's machine elements provide solutions for design engineers, manufacturers and maintenance to many application areas.
Products are developed to original form and unique design following strict ergonomic considerations to meet both the aesthetic appearance with user-friendly usage and function criteria. As a result, these products have been selected many times by most prestigious international industrial design juries (Die Gute Industrieform - Hannover, Design Center - Stuttgart, Compass d'Oro - Milan).

Elesa+Ganter company mainly focus on the market of the machinery design, engineering machinery and its recurring parts, so it offers a wide range of sizes and types of products, such as the handwheels, crank handles, knobs, wing screws, hinges, rotary indicators, bases, clamps, indexing plungers, accessories for hydraulic systems, level indicators, cups, etc.
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Product range contains high performance items for special applications beside the standard machine elements for general purpose.

High level technical support of design engineers is very important for our supplier, hence available CAD design files are constantly expanded on Elesa+Ganter website. After a brief registration, 3D models in STEP format and 2D drawings in DXF format can be downloaded.

Elesa and Otto Ganter have been co-operating for more than 30 years to create market synergies and to develop new products. In many countries they joined together in partnership under the trademark Elesa+Ganter, to offer the widest range of standard machine elements and components available on the market. For Elesa+Ganter, quality is an absolute value. A philosophy that involves all company processes: from engineering to production and from logistics to marketing. As a result of our quality assurance, ELESA and GANTER were among the first companies being certified according to ISO 9001.