High performing items

Stainless steel products


The high corrosion resistance of stainless steel has made it into one of the most demanded materials in many sectors of industry. Elesa+Ganter’s product range includes a wide assortment of rustproof products, spread over all product groups. It covers both all-stainless steel standard elements (INOX) as well as stainless steel and plastic composites. The materials used are AISI303, AISI304 and AISI316, resistant to rust, acid and heat depending on alloys.

Designed for:

  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical engineering
  • Demanding climatic conditions and atmospheres
  • Aggressive substances


Clean-line / White against the dirt


Industrial handles, lobe and knurled knobs in RAL 9002 white colour with glossy finish to make cleaning operations easier. AISI 303 stainless steel metal inserts in compliance with the most rigorous sanitary laws. It has compact shape and lack of cavities to avoid any deposit of dirt, dust and machining residues.

Designed for:

  • Medical and hospital equipment
  • Operating rooms
  • Hospital fittings


Antimicrobial protection


These products stop the deposit of any undesired organisms such as microbes, bacteria, mildew and fungi which are the major causes of unpleasant odours, discoloration, degradation and the formation of biofilm on surfaces and prevent them from reproducing. A special technopolymer including antimicrobial additives - a mixture of silver ions on an inorganic ceramic base - chemical free without any antibiotic drugs or pesticides which may be released on the operator’s hands.

Designed for:

  • Medical and hospital equipment
  • Disability aid
  • Machines for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry
  • Equipment for catering services


Soft-touch products for a safer grip


These new elements have been developed for use on machinery and equipment requiring frequent tightening, or for applications subject to severe stress. The major characteristics of "SOFT" products are to ensure a safer and more stable ergonomic grip and to improve the comfort of the operator's hand, increasing adherence to the element and absorbing vibrations even in unfavourable environmental conditions such as humidity, aridity, heat, cold and grease.

Designed for:

  • Disability aids
  • High-precision instruments
  • Fitness machines
  • Gardening and unfavourable climatic conditions


Antistatic action


The special conductive technopolymer (ESD-C Electrostatic Discharge Conductive) prevents the transfer of electrostatic discharge between bodies with different electric potential. The printed mark ESD-C on the surface of every single element identifies the particular antistatic feature according to EN 100015/1 and IEC 61340-5-1.

Designed for:

  • Assembly lines for electronical components
  • ESD-Protected Area (EPA)


Oil level sight glasses for special applications


Elesa+Ganter’s extensive range of oil level sight glasses also provides solutions for highly demanding requirements, for instance high temperatures, high pressure loads or aggressive substances. The most recent development is an ATEX sight glass for use in explosion hazard atmospheres.

Designed for:

  • Industrial products such as gears, used in applications where the components must comply with ATEX guidelines