Insert technology for plastics


Speciális Tappex külső menets betétek

Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd has been manufacturing inserts since 1956. With more than 50 years’ experience, it sees itself a company who takes part in to solve fastening problems rather than simply be a fastener supplier. Due to continuous development Tappex’s range of inserts for plastic includes more than 20 standard variations from M1.6 to M12 for use in all grades of thermoplastic, thermoset, structural foam and composite materials.

General application area of Tappex brass inserts in plastic, but certain types can be used in aluminium and some metal alloys. Threaded inserts provide load bearing thread in softer materials where normal screws can destroy the joint after more turning in and out. Using Tappex internal threaded inserts you can apply higher stud tightening torque than using metric screw directly in the plastic.

You can install post-mould inserts effectively with installation equipments of Tappex exist.

Tappex insert types:

  • Self-tapping inserts (Trisert®, Trisert-3®, Foamsert®)
  • Press-fit inserts (Multisert®, Microbarb®)
  • Insert for moulding in (HiMould®)
  • Specials (anti-creep spacers, male inserts, etc.)


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