DZ7957-2: Cruisin’ for a snoozin’ with Sella Design’s sofa beds

With everything produced to order, each Sella-Design chair, table or sofa is entirely unique to the customers’ requests. Alongside the furniture they make for the retail market, Sella-Design have also been involved in various projects, mainly outside of Hungary, such as sofa beds for cruise ship cabins.

DZ3607: The Picture of Health: Medical Imaging Innovations with Mediso and Accuride

Mediso were introduced to Accuride when they were designing their AnyScan Family, a unique triple-modality imaging system that combines SPECT, CT and PET scanning technology within one application, providing a more efficient and effective service for patients by offering the ability to perform multiple different scans in one location.

DA0115RC: Smooth Sailing with Accuride Slides

In Hungary, AQWIA have combined their passions of sailing and conserving the environment to create electric sailing yachts. Their products are worldwide market leaders and embody all of the qualities of a luxury yacht – comfortable, quiet and straightforward to handle – but most importantly they offer the same lifestyle that people associate with boating in a 100% environmentally sound way.

DZ2421: Accuride slides can handle the heat!

In the development of their new Adamis product family Fireplace Kft were looking for slides that could withstand the heat for the drawers underneath the fire itself.