Sugatsune based in 1930 Japan has been manufacturing metal parts meets highest quality expectations.

Their broad range includes hinges, hinge mechanisms, handles and other unique items for doors, drawers, storage compartments specialized for industrial and architectural applications.

Sugatsune is one of the leading manufacturers of metal hardware. Their wide variety of high quality products covers diverse fields from residential to office furniture, architectural to industrial parts and even disaster prevention.

In 2020, Sugatsune Kogyo celebrated its 90 year anniversary.

The name Sugatsune and the LAMP brand have long been associated with Quality, Innovation and Service.

Sugatsune has a long tradition of manufacturing and distributing only the highest quality products, exports to 80 different countries around the world, has over 510 employees, 17 offices worldwide, more than 20,000 different unique items, all manufactured by Sugatsune or produced for them exclusively.  



  • friction hinge and damper hinge solutions
  • hinge mechanisms
  • handles
  • accessories