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Haeger® insertion machines

Haeger is a market leader with nearly 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of fastener driving machines. The primary goals in the design of Haeger machines are safe operation and productivity. The unique, patented double safety system ensures safe operation with both active and non-conductive workpieces.
Developed to increase production speed, the T.I.S. (Turret Insertion System), also known as the rotating anvil system, allows up to four different clamping elements to be inserted in a single work phase by gripping the workpiece once. The automatic bottom tool change unit of the 824 One Touch four-feeder machine serves the same purpose, with automatic tool change without operator assistance.

Haeger, through the modular design of its machines and its wide range of products, aims to enable the widest range of sheet metal working companies to find the model that best suits the size, profile, production volume, financial situation and future plans of their company. From entry-level manual feed models, all of which can be upgraded with an automatic feed system, to multi-feeder models, it is easy to find the ideal fastener inserting machine. An additional advantage of Haeger machines is that, in addition to fastener insertion, they also support direct material joining (Tox, BTM) without fasteners.

Haeger, in 2018, became part of the PennEngineering group, a market leader in the development and manufacture of press-fit.