Range of inserts

Trisert® - self-tapping inserts


The Trisert self-tapping threaded insert was developed to post-mould production process. The Trisert design use external thread to be tapped into plastic to provide balanced cutting and reduced installation torque. As the installation tools pick up Trisert by its internal thread to install, every insert is therefore automatically checked for the existence of a good thread. FlexiArm machine provides fast and efficient cold installation for self-tapping inserts.
Trisert inserts can be used in thermoplastic and thermoset grades including the latest engineering plastic alloys.

  • Double ended (M2-M10, in three lengths)
  • SReduced headed (M3-M8)
  • Regular headed (M2.5-M10, in two lengths


Trisert-3® - self-tapping inserts


This is the latest development of inserts are made from case hardened steel, grade 303 or grade 316 stainless steel. Trisert-3 was developed to critical application circumstances which unsuitable for brass inserts, can be used in hard plastics and in some metal alloys. Its design is based on the reduced headed version of Trisert insert.

  • Reduced headed (M3-M8, in two lengths, three materials)


Foamsert® - self-tapping inserts


The Foamsert is a special version of the Trisert for foam materials, laminated chipboards, medium density fibre board and certain types of glass reinforced plastics. Installation method of Foamsert is the same as Trisert settling.

  • Double ended (M2.5-M8)
  • Reduced headed (M3-M8)


Multisert® - press-fit inserts


The Multisert press-fit threaded insert was developed to post-mould installation process. Barb form on its external surface makes the insert suitable for different installation methods into thermoplastics. Flexible base materials allow the easy and fast cold press-fit installation. For improved performance, it can be press fitted with heat insertion or ultrasonic, which maximize the fill of molten plastic around the barbs. Harder or flame retardant materials require heat or ultrasonic assistance in any event.

  • Unheaded (M2-M12, in two lengths)
  • Single thickness head (M2-M8, in two lengths and head diameters)
  • Double thickness head (M1,6-M10, in two lengths and head diameters)


Microbarb® - press-fit inserts


The Microbarb is the special version of Multisert with larger head and barb diameter to provide increased bearing surface. It was developed to pull through applications in thin section thermoplastic materials. Microbarb has the same installation method as Multisert insert has.

  • Large headed (M2-M10)


HiMould® - inserts for mould-in


The HiMould range of brass threaded inserts has been designed for moulding-in during the cycle of the moulding machine.
HiMould inserts do not require threaded pins located inside the mould tool but rapidly located onto appropriate plain pins giving higher productivity and reducing tool down time. Unique design of HiMould insert still give guaranteed flash free threads. It is widely used in all types of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic mouldings.

  • Type 'A' blind ended (M3-M6)
  • Type 'B' open ended (M2-M12)
  • Type 'C' blind ended with counter-bore in the open end (M2-M10)


Special Tappex inserts

  • Anti-creep spacers
    They are designed to provide reinforced clearance holes for bolts to pass through a plastic moulding, and thus allow metal-to-metal clamping forces to be applied to an assembly without over-stressing the plastic.
  • Male inserts
    They are available based on the same body design and installation features of the female equivalent. Thus the basic forms of Trisert, Multisert or HiMould, can be produced in Unheaded and Headed versions with the same Short, Regular and Long body lengths as the relevant female insert, with a defined stud length.
  • Imperial range
    They use the external features of the nearest metric equivalent product. Popular imperial sizes are available from stock.
  • Specials
    Where a standard product does not exactly meet the requirements of a given application then Tappex may already have stock of a special variation that is suitable. For special requirements there is a possibility to produce customized inserts.

For larger order quantities inserts can often be produced as ‘specials’ to the customer’s requirements. For availability, please contact us. Non stocked special Tappex inserts are only available on request of significant quantities. Please, contact us with your special requirement with detailed specification.

Product range and technical data can be found in Tappex general catalogue in Hungarian is available for download in PDF format from our website. Tappex general catalogue does not contain Trisert-3 self-tapping inserts.
Trisert-3 catalogue is available for download in PDF format from our website.