Pop Blind rivets

Blind rivets are generally used to fix together two or more metal sheets. Installation of blind rivets happens into appropriate sized pre-drilled holes using rivet tools. Besides widespread mass produced dome headed and open ended blind rivets the original POP® manufacturer has many different types of rivets from different materials, different designs with special features for demanding applications.

Mechanical strength and features of a rivet not only depends on its material but the full design and manufacturing process are also important. Rivets have to be chosen to correspond to application’s requirements because different rivet designs behave different way, have different advantages and disadvantages, different features:

  • Mandrel head retention
  • Solid wall
  • Secondary expansion
  • Degree of sealing
  • Hole filling
  • Rattle resistance
  • Multi grip capability
  • Claim capability

Blind rivet types:

Nyitott végű

Break stem open 
General purpose open rivet available in wide range of materials and head styles. Suitable for applications with low load bearing requirements.



FSR rivet


FSR (flush setting rivet)
Open rivet that sets flush on both sides of the application when set into a double countersunk hole. This space saving rivet offers near zero protrusion and eliminates loose mandrels.




Zárt vágű


Closed end
Designed with a completely closed body, this rivet is ideal for applications that need to be water/pressure tight or where mandrel retention is paramount.





LSR (load spreading rivet)
Load spreading characteristics make this rivet ideal for use in vulnerable, friable and the softest of material.




MGR (multi-grip rivet)
The Multi-Grip rivet is designed to accommodate a wider grip range than other rivets allowing for lower inventory levels. Also provides good, rattle free, joint construction even in irregular holes.


Highly aesthetic, Multi-Grip rivet with positively retained mandrel head. Also offers excellent claim properties, a large blind side for increased tensile strength and grooved stem for optimum tool jaw life.



Ideal for joining softer and more brittle materials such as plastics, rubber, wood, GFRP or laminates.


The T-Rivet offers all the features of a peel rivet with the added benefit of pull-up. Improved shear strength is also achieved due to mandrel head retention after setting.


F series provides excellent hole fill for superior vibration resistance combined with a locked, rattle free mandrel that results in great joint construction.



HS (high strength)
The POP® rivet with the strength of an M6 Bolt also provides excellent claim properties, a positively retained mandrel head and wide blind side expansion.



HR (high retention)
Exceptional pull-up capability and increased blind side expansion give the perfect combination for overcoming air gaps whilst spreading the load during setting. Excellent mandrel retention and rattle resistance after setting.



Aluminium rivet for fixing into wood and other soft/fibrous base materials. Suitable for use in blind non-through holes.




This steel rivet has a peeling body ideal for use in wood and providing high resistance to pull out loads and mandrel head retention.




This unique closed end stainless steel range provides additional support to assemblies where weak or thin blind side materials are present.



Let us know the required material, hole size, grip or grip range, the features from above list rivets need to be corresponded and if there are shear and tensile strength requirements. Our colleagues will help you to choose most convenient rivet type for your application.

You can find full range of rivets and technical data are in POP rivets catalogue is available for download in PDF format from our website.