POP-Bolt rapid fastening system

POP Bolt™ is a rapid setting, removable and re-useable fastening system. Delivering the speed of riveting combined with the flexibility of a nut and bolt, POP Bolt™ is ideal for applications that require a high strength fastener that facilitates servicing.

Two main parts of POP Bolt™ system is a threaded stud with mandrel can break off and a collar can be formed. During the installation jaws of POP-Bolt setting tool pulls the mandrel and push the collar in one time which clamps fastened material together. After it cold-forms the outer surface of collar to hexagon shape and gets flow its inner surface onto the thread of bolt creating inner thread within collar. Finally mandrel breaks off at crimp. Result is a serviceable, mechanical joint with a consistent clamp force.

Besides collar can be formed into removable hexagon nut Secureset collar provides safer joint. Its rounded form offers excellent tamper resistance and can be removed with a reverse spiral flutted socket. Additional benefits of Secureset are improved vibration resistance and a higher tensile yield.
POP Bolt head styles:

  • hexagon washer head
  • slotted truss head
  • special head styles

POP Bolt materials:POP_Bolt_slotted_truss_head_and_collar.png

  • 8.8 steel
  • A2 stainless steel

POP Bolt™ Twinfix has been developed specifically for the transport sector. The Twinfix carrier is designed to aid the fastening of buckles and rollers to truck curtains. The Twinfix allows for servicing and can be used in conjunction with Secureset to give a tamper resistant joint.

For detailed information about product range find POP Bolt™ catalogue is available for download in PDF format from our website.