POP-Nut threaded inserts

POP-Nut is the perfect solution for providing high quality, load bearing threads in thin metal sheets, tubing and in other one sided access places. Threaded inserts have to be placed into appropriate sized hole and install with rivet nut tool. Mandrel of the tool pulls the insert lengthwise which cause body to expand on the underside of the workpiece and fix the insert stable in the carrying material.


  • Can be installed from one side
  • Provides load bearing thread in thin sheets
  • Fast assembly time
  • Not damage the surface
  • Not deform the workpiece


  • M3 l- M12

Body design:

  • round, splined round, hexagonal, semi-hexagonal shanks
  • open ended, closed ended
  • flat, countersunk, low profile heads​​​​​​​PSZFON_M12_group_02.png


  • aluminium
  • steel
  • 302 series stainless steel

POP-Nut blind rivet nuts are made of various combinations of body design, dimensions and materials. For detailed information click on the link of POP-Nut threaded insert systems catalogue is available for download in PDF format from our website.

Pop-Nut threaded inserts can be used in wide range of industrial segments and applications such as food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, electronic equipments, medical equipments, telecommunication, metal furniture, automotive industry, ships and boats, aerospace, mass transit vehicles, lighting equipments, power plants, etc.