Lockable gas springs

Lockable gas spring is a hydro-pneumatic energy storage machine element which can be locked in any position of its stroke. Its usage can be ideal solution for any application where the advantage of a gas spring needs to be combined with locking feature.

Depending upon the behaviour of locking elastic, rigid to extension and rigid to compression types can be differentiated:

  • Elastic locking Varilock types are EL1, EL2. Their usage is suggested if cushioning effect is required in locked position. With elastic locking sudden loads cab be avoided or at least dampened.
  • Rigid locking Varilock types to extension are HY1 and HY3, rigid locking Varilock types to compression are HY4, HY6. Their usage is suggested if a cushioning effect should be avoided.

With high precision valve mechanisms of Suspa lockable gas springs special functions are available. These intelligent features can add value to end product into gas spring is built in increasing the quality of application and making more competitive:


  • RTEmagicC_EasySwitch_01_gif.gifEasySwitch
    With this module, users control the valve ‘digitally’ alternating between the closed and permanently open position and back again.


  • RTEmagicC_TimeReset_01_gif.gifTimeReset
    Detects whether the application into gas spring was built in is loaded by weight or not. If it is not loaded, Varilock returns to the starting position within a custom definied period of time.


  • OverRideRTEmagicC_Override_03_gif.gif
    It enables to users to move application in the extension direction without activation of release mechanism. Finishing the moving application remains in the position where it was left. Its usage is popular in hospital beds, over-bed tables and in one leg table systems. This function is offered as option in Varistand product of Suspa.
  • CushyRelease
    Actuation force of lockable gas springs is directly proportional to the extension force which can cause uncomfortable handling in low and high extension forces. With this function you can optimize the actuation force for ergonomic handling.


Main application areas:

  • Furniture industry
  • Healthcare equipments, rehabilitation
  • Fitness, wellness
  • Public transport vehicles
  • Automotive
  • Other applications

We can help you to develop the appropriate lockable gas spring for your application cooperating with application engineering of Suspa which requires minimum order quantities. For after sales we have limited possibilities to sell lockable gas springs because in many cases products are developed to contracted partners who have the only right to purchase products directly from Suspa. In these cases, please, contact the manufacturer of end-product in which you found the gas spring you need.