Special features

Front disconnect

Disconnect allows simple connect/disconnect for a slide member from slide assembly by releasing an internal lever.
If maintenance requires quick and easy access to the area beyond drawers this feature is beneficial by simple removing and remounting drawers avoiding the time-consuming screwdriver usage.


Lock-in / Lock-out

Locks hold the slide either fully closed or open and a lever must be actuated to move the slide.
This function is proposed in applications where movement of slide by inertia of drawer unit resulting random opening and closing is not permitted for safety reasons. In case of drawers in vehicles (trains, buses, etc.), battery trays, large and heavy to move units can be involuntary moved causing accidents, usage of this feature is strongly encouraged.


Hold-in / Hold-out

It keeps the slide open or closed until extra force is applied.
Hold feature is suggested where locking feature is not necessary but slight horizontal deviations of floor can cause opening or closing of drawers. Popular feature of tools, personal stuff and parts storage cabinets, drawers in industrial environment where levelling difficult to resolve even in movable units.


Self-close (SC, HDSC)

Self-close slides include a spring attachment designed to close the slide near to ‘in’ position and prevent bounce back. SC is normal type while heavy-duty version (HDSC) provides increased self-closing force.
This feature is beneficial for drawers, which include end-all-closed is an important requirement, such as in cabinet where a drawer without complete closure doesn’t allow opening another one. It’s useful function of mobile drawer storage as well.

Easy close (EC)

It is a dampened self-close slows the closing action for controlled and smooth operation. This feature avoids a separate damper or slam inhibitory element integration, therefore usage is widespread in high-end furniture, kitchen furniture and office furniture.


Touch release (TR, HDTR)

Touch release slides open and close with pressure to the front of slide. TR is normal type while heavy-duty version (HDTR) provides increased stay-closed option.
This function allows eliminating usage of handle or pull of drawers presenting aesthetic outside appearance. Usage is popular in high-end furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture, hidden drawers case.


Cam drawer adjust

Cam drawer adjust allows minute adjustment to the drawer front for easy alignment by eccentric screw.
It’s useful feature of multi-drawer cabinets where subsequent fine adjustment of drawers may be required because of possible manufacturing inaccuracies.
Standard feature on 2132 and 3832 series slides.


Shock blocks

Shock blocks are hardened steel pins that provide an interference fit between the slide members to minimize the amplification of vibration and reduce the damaging effects of shock in the closed position. Standard feature on 0522 series slides.
Recommended slide feature of large mass units on vehicle (such as truck battery tray) and beneficial to use in any vibration environments.