Springs, clips, washers and pins



Associated Spring is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of springs formed in 1857. They are spring suppliers and spring stockists, supplying thousands of spring parts to industry. Besides conventional compression and extension springs the range of springs AsSpec supplies include many different kinds of spring types as disc springs, die springs, finger, wave and curved spring washers, conical springs, spring-loaded devices, tool clips and spring pins too, etc.
Each spring and each component are designed precisely and made from highest quality raw materials to English or German standards using the highest quality steels. That’s why the quality of components is assured so high class service of Associated Spring is available at any time.

Unlike many spring manufacturers AsSpec guarantees the spring load instead of the pitch and turns.

Biotek Kft. is currently offering a wide range of springs approx. 2900 different types from stock in which compression spring, extension springs, torsion springs, disc springs, die springs, retaining pins, spring pins and tool clips are also available.

Catalogue of AsSpec springs and elements and ISO Die Springs is downloadable in PDF format.


Compression springs



  • ’A’ metric type - all dimensions and forces to DIN 2095 (Grade 2)
  • ’B’ inch type
  • Extension springs
    • ’A’ metric type - all dimensions and forces to DIN 2095 (Grade 2)
    • ’B’ inch type
  • Compression / extension springs (metre length) 
  • Finger spring washers
  • Wave spring washers
  • Curved spring washers
  • Disc spring - according to DIN 2093
  • Torsion springs
  • Constant-force springs
  • Heavy-duty compression die springs
  • Die springs – manufactured to ISO specification
  • Interlock Garter springs
  • Conical compression springs
  • Spring-loaded devices
  • Pins & Rings
  • Tool clips
  • Spring pin