Trisert-3 M12 - threaded insert


The Tappex Trisert-3 range of threaded inserts have been extended with M12 sizes in 303 and 316 stainless steel grades.

Trisert-3 self-tapping thread inserts are used to create load bearing threads in hard plastics and some metal alloys. Installation is done afterwards, using a driving tool that drives the insert into the receiving part using its external thread. As the tool uses the internal thread of the insert, all inserts are automatically checked before installation.


  • reduced headed
  • 303 and 316 stainless steel materials
  • in three different lengths
  • effective installation with FlexiArm or ElecArm equipment
  • 100pcs package quantity

Typical applications:

  • marine industry
  • pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • composite plastic material and soft metal
  • corrosive environmental applications
  • etc.

Further details of Trisert-3 M12 size threaded inserts can be found in the PDF information datasheet to download.