Tappex® male inserts


A range of Tappex inserts with male threads or studs is available based on the same body design and installation features of the female equivalent. Thus the basic form of Trisert, Multisert, Microbarb or HiMould, can be produced in unthreaded or headed versions with the same short, regular and long body lengths as the relevant female insert, with a defined stud length.

Tappex treat every male fastener as a special application, to meet the designer’s specific needs. However, where possible the closest existing insert will be offered as an alternative, to eliminate the need of special manufacture and hence reduce the costs and-lead time. For this reason, it is always suggested to let us know the acceptable range and styles as well.

You can find the standard internal threaded inserts in our Tappex catalogue.

With your needs for male inserts, please, contact our customer service.