Starlock® - Push-On Fasteners

We would like to present our latest product line we can offer is Srarlock® Push On Fasteners. Their usage is extremely simple, they are pushed on to the shaft causing the prongs to grip the shaft tightly, thus locking the washers in place.
Starlock® Push On Fasteners can be supplied in Varnish, Delta Protekt or in Mechanical Zinc plated finishes and certain sizes are available in Stainless Steel. For identification purposes a colour code is used to denote the imperial and metric ranges. The imperial spring steel Starlocks are coloured Blue and the metric is coloured Bronze.

Captivated Starlock® push on fasteners are available with three cap style: dome capped, axle capped and deep axle capped.


  • inch (blue varnish) and metric (bronze varnish) sizes
  • carbon spring steel and stainless steel materials
  • varnished, mechanical zinc plated and Delta Protekt finishes
  • capped and uncapped types
  • dome, axle and deep axle caps

Catalogue of Starlock® Push On Fasteners is available from our website in PDF format.