PC.35 – panel support clamp


This Elesa+Ganter product were designed to allow fixing later any safety panels on machines are built from ITEM or Bosch aluminium profile systems. Besides, it could be a perfect, aesthetical solution to fix health guarding plexi panels onto the upper surface of customer service desks.

They have universal sizes, allowing to fix panels between 3-12mm thickness. The optional adapter ACP can be uses to fit PC.35 onto frame system is built 30-34mm, 40-43mm and 48-52mm diameter tubes. 


  • glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer
  • RAL 7042 grey colour
  • for 3-8mm and 8-12mm panel thickness
  • can be fixed by M6 hexagonal head screw
  • compliance with the Machine Directive (2006/42/CE)

Typical applications:

  • fixing guard panels of machines made of ITEM, Bosch profile systems
  • customer service health protection plexi aesthetical fixing
  • fixing panels onto square and round tubes


Download the technical datasheet of PC.35 panel support clamp (PDF)

Download the technical datasheet of APC adapter (PDF)