GN 36, GN 37 – machine feet for high load


Elesa+Ganter's newest adjustable machine feet provide a levelling option especially for heavy machines thanks to their high load capacity. Available with 80-100-125-160-200mm diameter feet, in fixed and non-fixed versions, with fine-jointed shanks from M20 to M42, in various lengths.

Depending on type and size, the machine bases have a static load capacity of between 20 and 250kN. In addition to the standard versions without any underlay, the range also includes anti-slip versions with rubber underlay and O-ring sealed designs to prevent the build-up of dirt under the foot.


  • black plastic coated steel base
  • 80-100-125-160-200mm base diameters
  • zinc plated steel stems
  • M20-M24-M30-M36-M42 fine threaded stems
  • 20-250kN static loads depending on types
  • non-fixable (GN 36) and fixable (GN 37) versions
  • with or without rubber underlay and O-ring sealed bases

Typical applications:

  • heavy industrial machinery
  • etc.

Technical datasheet of ​​​​GN 36 without fastening hole and GN 37 with central fastening hole foot types can be downloaded from our website in PDF.