DA4165 – heavy-duty two-way travel slide

DA4165 Accuride ball bearing slide family offers a solution for those heavy-duty applications, where the contents of the drawer need to be accessed from opposite sides, and for material handling or storing compartments, which are separated by areas for safety reasons.



  • two-way travel, can be pulled out from middle to both directions
  • aluminium slide members, stainless steel balls and call retainers
  • 100% travel length
  • load rating between 205 and 270kg depending on the length
  • 400-500-600-700-800-900-1000mm length
  • cross section is 26,5x80mm
  • 10000 cycles with appropriate mounting and usage

Typical application:

  • single purpose machines
  • storing compartments
  • automated warehouses
  • etc.

Catalogue page of DA4165 two-way slide can be found and downloaded from our website.


Watch a demonstration video with an application example.