Southco 07 – plastic draw latch

Draw latches are normally used for firm, tight clamping of flush panels. The Southco 07 draw latch family has a small size, made of black or white plastic, offering cost effective latching solution.

C2-5x – compression latch with auto relock

Southco has introduced the newest product in its successful C2 series of lever latches, with a new push to lock option that incorporates an auto-relock feature. With customizable features, versatile locking styles and a streamlined industrial appearance, the push to lock C2 Lever Latch provides upgraded functionality that can be used to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations.

MP-07 - pop-up hooks

The MP-07 type pop-up hook buttons can be used well in vehicles where the need for use is occasional and a permanently protruding hook is avoided in terms of space and transport. In addition to various colour combinations and designs, models without pictogram, with coat hanger and with headset hanger with pictogram are available.

NSF, NSL - trapezoidal threaded lead nuts and spindles

The Elesa+Ganter NSF and NSL products are a trapezoidal threaded flanged nut and spindle pair. The nuts are available in two grades of plastic material, one of which meets FDA EU 10/2011 requirements and is therefore suitable for food applications. TR 10x2 to TR 30x6 right threaded designs are available.

HDLCC - cable clamp

With this type of Heyco® cable clamp, the fixing method of the cable clamp itself and the cable fixing in the clamp are separate, so that the cable can be removed from the clamp during maintenance without leaving it in place. The part of the clamp that surrounds the cable can be easily unsnapped and snapped back on by hand, no tools are required during installation.

Double knuckle Pinet continuous hinge

This unique double knuckle hinged hinge is a special continuous hinge designed for thicker panels, as well as to accept a self-supported gasket. The gasket can be placed on the inner, raised edges of the hinge, providing a sealed and damped closure, while adding an aesthetic appearance to the application.

R4-75 – rotary latch with external rotor

Southco has expanded its successful R4 Rotary Latch series with a new debris resistant version that offers enhanced performance for medium-duty applications. Southco’s R4-75 Rotary Latch with Debris Resistant Design offers an integrated mounting bracket that simplifies installation and features a concealed rotary mechanism providing protection from dirt and debris, for improved durability in applications where remote actuation is required.

37-10, 37-20 – flexible draw latch, pull-type

Draw latches are normally used for firm, tight clamping of flush panels. The Southco 37-10 and 37-20 draw latch family has a rubber body to reduce the transmission of vibrations between the clamped parts. It is available in six sizes, covering a clamping force range of 21-84N.

TCC – technopolymer tube clamp connectors

Elesa+Ganter’s range of tube clamp connectors has been extended with glass-fibre reinforced technopolymer connectors, offering a cost-effective and lightweight frame building solution in addition to the previous aluminium made types.

PINET hinge solutions

We are pleased to present the products of our latest manufacturer relationship is Pinet. With almost 100 years experiences in hinge development and production, hinges give the main part of Pinet’s range, but latches and handles also can be found within his products.