D9-PR – 1/4 turn captive PCI riser cage fastener

The DZUS® D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener combines Southco’s proven quarter-turn and captive fastening technologies to create a next generation solution that provides consistent, reliable clamping force and quick access.

EH-8C – hinges

The newest members of Southco EH hinge family are EH-8C hinges are made of aluminium with black powder coated finish, which are available in countersunk hole or counterbore oval hole design, with an operating angle range from 0 to 180 degree.

DZ4180 – heavy-duty telescopic slide

Accuride's DZ4180 telescopic ball bearing slide has 100% extension and maximum load capacity of a pair of slide is 980kg, depending on the length. Maximum available lengths are up to 2 meter.

GN 53.3, 53.4 – Handle style magnets

These magnets from Elesa+Ganter are made with handle-style shape housing that allows easy attachment and removal, making them ideal for, for example, attaching work instructions to the production machine.

HYSON Xtreme duty gas springs

We would like to draw the attention of our partners to the availability of HYSON high performance gas springs. These gas springs have been designed to eliminate problems affecting the press such as excessive load, high noise levels and shocks caused by tool return.

ZGD – toothed joint

Elesa+Ganter's ZGD type coupling is designed for easy dismantling of rotating shafts, while allowing for some axial and angular misalignment up to 150 rpm with low weight and low inertia. Values may vary depending on temperature, coupling and continuous operating hours.

Pinet Cut2Length

Continuous (piano) hinges of Pinet are now not only available in catalogue size, but has also expanded to include small quantities to meet individual requirements. The easiest way to access the manufacturer's interface is via our website, where you can quickly configure a custom hinge based on preset values, even for a one-piece order. Your order is ready for dispatch within 48/72 hours.

LTBSR - liquid tight strain relief bushing

This Heyco® cable bushing is made of a co-moulded nylon and elastomeric materials. Its design provides excellent resistance to dust and water penetration. During installation, the cable is firstly fixed into the bushing with a hand plier and then snapped into the properly prepared hole.

Southco 07 – plastic draw latch

Draw latches are normally used for firm, tight clamping of flush panels. The Southco 07 draw latch family has a small size, made of black or white plastic, offering cost effective latching solution.

C2-5x – compression latch with auto relock

Southco has introduced the newest product in its successful C2 series of lever latches, with a new push to lock option that incorporates an auto-relock feature. With customizable features, versatile locking styles and a streamlined industrial appearance, the push to lock C2 Lever Latch provides upgraded functionality that can be used to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations.