K2, K3, K4, K5 – rotary draw latches

Southco draw latches are used to fix firmly together panels in-line or perpendicular position. Rotary cam design of K2-K5 draw latch series provides firm grip and consistent closure that resists accidental opening in low profile design.

RLE – castors with adjustable foot

A common feature of the new Elesa+Ganter RLE.F8-N and RLE.FF-N type industrial castors is that they have an integrated adjustable anti-slip machine base, which allows the moving unit to be securely fixed as required. It allows easy change from mobile to fixed workstation and back again.

DZ2730 – telescopic ball bearing slide

Accuride's DZ2730 telescopic ball bearing slide has 100% extension and maximum load capacity of a pair of slide is 30kg, depending on the length. Thanks to the small cross section, it could be a solution for limited available space.

PEM® eConnect™ fasteners

Use PEM® eConnect™ Pin Fastening Technology for repeatable, consistent electrical joints and superior installation that’s unmatched by traditional attachment methods. Joint has an electrical resistance of less than 100 μΩ. Available in self clinching (EPCRB™) and broaching (EPFRB™) mounting styles.

EMPC – bridge handle with full coloured front

A unique feature of this latest Elesa+Ganter® bridge handle is that the screw cover available in seven colours, runs along the entire front surface of the handle, giving the application a unique, aesthetic look that is also visible from a distance. It has a 117-120mm mounting hole distance with M6 and M8 screw mounting options.

DZ2720 – telescopic ball bearing slide

Accuride's DZ4180 telescopic ball bearing slide has 75% extension and maximum load capacity of a pair of slide is 20kg, depending on the length. Thanks to the small cross section, it could be a solution for limited available space and can be mount flat as well.

Pinet mini hinges

Pinet mini hinges offer a solution for small applications. They are made of steel with brass plating and are available in sizes from 15x9mm to 25x16mm.

EM-05-4x, EM-05-5x - electronic slide bolts

Southco's EM-05 electronic slide bolt series has been extended with the compact EM-05-5x, which offers versatility, ease of installation and space-saving design for easy changeover to existing mechanical opening applications. The slightly larger EM-05-4x version has a built-in sensor, offering the possibility to monitor the status of the lock and the presence of the door.

R4-EM-05 - compact electromechanical rotary latch

A new feature of the Southco R4-EM-05 latches is the smaller size comparing to previous members of the R4-EM family, offering an electronically operated concealed locking solution for applications requiring little space. The product provides feedback on the status of the latch cam and some models also offer door presence detection using optionally available strikers and door sensor brackets.

M.2000-SWM – Handle with switch and LED indicator light

The Elesa+Ganter M.2000-SWM handle family is a functional triad, an ergonomic combination of a handle, a switch and a three-colour status indicator. It is a real three-in-one solution. Its monostable two-circuit switch is available in 2 NC or NO+NC versions. The indicator surface covering a large area of the handle front ensures good visibility from a distance.