Southco product categories


Electronic access solutions

Recognizing the growing need for electronic access Southco provides electro-mechanical latches and accessories for. Electro-mechanical latch or keeper is connectable to keypad, electronic key system, RFID proximity reader or remote control receiver. Concealed types of latches increase vandal resistance and allow aesthetic appearance.



szorító_zárak.pngCompression latches

Common feature of compression latches that during closure the pawl of latch is moving to pull door to the frame resulting gasket becomes compressed. This provides more efficient sealing, dampened vibration and lower noise level. Compression latches was designed cannot be opened accidentally by vibrations. Sealed latch versions meet the standards of NEMA and IP.




Cam latches and swinghandles

Cam latches are the most widespread latch type which allows a simple and quick latching by right angle turning. Combination of key operated, tool operated, hand operated and wing style latches with fix or adjustable grip offers wide range to find the appropriate solution for your application.




Push-to-close latches

Main feature of push-to-close latches is simple slam closing. When door is slammed with enough impetus latch close automatically, no secondary steps required for latching. Mode of opening is depends on the latch type, it could happen with usage of key, handle of latch, electronic access or simply to pull out the door. There are concealed push-to-close latches too.




Cam locks and lock cores

Cam locks are small, cost effective latch solutions with large grip range. Certain types have removable lock plug to create possibility for different key alike, different key system and master key system can be ordered. Some compression latches, cam latches and push-to-close latches allows to use these lock core systems also.



Békazárak.pngDraw latches

Southco draw latches are used to fix firmly together panels in-line or perpendicular position. Over-centre, under-centre, rotary, concealed and flexible types are made from steel, stainless steel, rubber or plastic contains versions with or without key locking, padlocking providing fix or flexible lock.



Több_pontos_zárak.pngMulti-point latching systems

Multi-point latching systems provide a convenient solution for large door spans with a single user touch point operating multiple latch point. Over-centre mechanisms provide the ultimate in consistent compression along the entire edge of the enclosure door.



DZUS_negyedforudlatos.pngDZUS quarter-turn fasteners and fast lead screws

Dzus quarter-turn fasteners provide cost-efficiency and space-save for closure. Difficult-to-loose hardware exists in plenty of length, with different head design and more kinds of receptacle. Usage of fast lead screws are beneficial if frequent access is required or in case of heavy vibration environments.



lockwell2.pngLOCKWELL quick-release pins and fasteners

Lockwell pins cannot be removed from place until trigger mechanism is released by actuator button is pressed. Beside versions with trigger mechanism can be found models with simple push-to-install pull-to-remove operation and spring loaded positioning plunger for mounting to sheet.



Elveszíthetetlen_csavarok.pngCaptive screws

Main feature of captive screw that after installation into sheet they cannot be fall out. This advantage is beneficial in electronic application where a loosened screw could cause shortcut or other mess in the end-product. There are snap-in, press-in, flare-in and floating styles with metric or unified threads ans different head designs.



PCB_panelrögzítők.pngInject-eject mechanisms

Most of inject-eject mechanisms are PICMG compliant and allow easy fixing and releasing of P.C. boards. Versions are available to meet regulation of ATCA, AMC and cPCI.



Csuklópántok.pngHinges and position control devices

Southco hinges are highly engineered products with ergonomic and aesthetic design. Most of them have extra features, there are concealed, removable and detent types, position control hinges with constant symmetric, asymmetric or adjustable torque, bi-stable and miniature hinges.



Rack-anyák.pngInserts, standoffs and assembly fasteners

Southco MonoSet and Duosert inserts are used to replace standard cage nuts in IT style rack enclosure providing more flexibility for reconfiguration. Easy to install plastic spacers and fasteners, removable push style rivets can be also found in the range.



Fogantyúk.pngHandles and pulls

Range of Southco handles contains highly aesthetic fix and foldaway grab handles, pull knobs, concealed pulls and flush pulls.