Industrial latches, hinges, fasteners



Main features of Southco products that most of them has extra function beside its basic functions. For example, a latch is not only a latch but handle too, or pull the door to gasket to increase degree of sealing, or a hinge is not only for the moving of flap but able to position it at certain opening angles or in any angle.

Southco products are used in many industrial areas, e.g. in electronics, telecommunications, IT, automotive, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, single purpose machinery, industrial storage systems, ventilation equipments, shipbuilding, bus manufacturing, rail transport vehicles, etc.

Southco product categories:

  • Electronic access solutions
  • Compression latches
  • Cam latches and swinghandles
  • Push-to-close latches
  • Cam locks and lock cores
  • Draw latches
  • Multi-point latching systems
  • DZUS quarter-turn fasteners and fast lead screws
  • LOCKWELL quick-release pins and quick access fasteners
  • Captive screws
  • Inject-eject mechanisms
  • Hinges and position control devices
  • Inserts, standoffs and assembly fasteners
  • Handles and pulls

Southco was founded in 1899 has been producing latches, hinges and fasteners for industry since 1945 with continuously expanding product range. The company has ISO 9001, QS 9000 and ISO 14000 quality certificates.

Biotek Kft has been offering Southco products in Hungary since 1992. Products can be seen and tried out physically in our showroom to give more idea for interested customers and our colleagues can provide information on the functions of related products helping to select the most suited solution for your application. Wide range of Southco latches, hinges, pulls and fasteners are available from our stock.