Self-clinching technology



A PennEngineering & Manufacturing Corp. (PEM® Fastening Systems) company was founded in 1942 to produce his own invention was a revolutionary new product: the self-clinching fastener. This easy-to-install fastening solution provides load-carrying threads in metal sheets too thin to be tapped.
Following industrial demands range of fasteners also widened. Today, nuts, threaded studs, standoffs and hundreds of fastening elements are offered for industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, machinery, agricultural machinery, furniture and telecommunications industry.

Biotek Kft started to distribute PEM® fasteners to self-clinch in 1994 and since then wide range of fasteners is offered from stock. In our showroom, our staff can demonstrate the operation, functions and advantages of PemSerter presses were developed to install PEM® fasteners. Feel free to contact us with questions about pressing process and special requirements.

Most of the fasteners are manufactured by PennEnginereeng Fastening Technologies are RoHS (2002/95/EU) compliant. 

Parts are generally so-called self-clinching fasteners can be pressed into a ductile workpiece to cold-flow base material. Thanks to the shape design of self-clinching element during the installation base material cold-flows around each segments of the fastener resulting good strength against tensional and torsional loads occur. Main requirements of self-clinching process are fasteners always have to be harder than base material and sheet has to be ductile enough.


  • Fewer parts required. Losable screws, nuts, washers, spring washers are no longer necessary to final assembly.
  • Less assembly steps required. Fasteners are installed during part manufacturing to allow decreasing steps of final assembly.
  • Final result is shorter assembly time. Fewer parts and less assembly steps causing shorter assembly time which reduce the operating prime cost.




Self-clinching fasteners

PEMSERTER® installation