Gas springs

Gas spring is a hydro-pneumatic energy storage machine element is widely used in many industries. In any applications where some mass should be held or movements should be eased off because of ergonomic reasons, usage of gas springs provides practical solution. For this reason the possible application areas of gas springs are limited only by the borders of engineers’ creativity.

Suspa Liftline gas springs have reproducible high quality. The table below provides a quick overview of Suspa gas spring range but more detailed information is findable in the catalogue.



Click on the link of Suspa Liftline catalogue of gas springs to find or download it in PDF format. The range this catalogue contains is always available in the stock of Suspa we can provide you filled to required force with short delivery time. Of course, customized special gas springs also can be developed and produced for request.

Main application areas:

  • Automotive (buses, cars, caravans, trailers, livestock carrier vehicles, etc.)
  • General engineering and single purpose machines (flaps, covers, mechanisms, etc.)
  • Furniture industry (kitchen cabinets, beds, fold-away beds, etc.)
  • Logistics (storage-transport boxes, containers, etc.)
  • Security (emergency opening of relief doors, air-outlets, etc.)
  • ther applications (solarium, ease off electromotor of lift arms, etc.)