Self-clinching fasteners

Range of PEM® self-clinching fasteners is continuously expanding to follow the customer needs: new products, new sizes are developed and new materials are used for existing fasteners. Non-exhausting summary of PEM® fasteners gives an overview from the most conventional fasteners as nuts or studs to more specific parts.

Self-clinching fasteners for sheet metals

The most widespread usage of PEM® fasteners is installing into metal sheets. For your application you can find the appropriate type of nuts, studs, standoffs, panel fasteners are made from different materials with different finishes.

General PEM® fasteners:

  • self-clinching nutspem_anya.png 
    • nuts (S, SS, H, CLS, CLSS, SP)
    • nut for thin sheet (SMPS)
    • flush nut (F)
    • self-locking nuts (LAS, LAC, SL, HNL, LK, LKS, LKA, PL, PLC, CFN)
    • floating nuts (AS, AC, LAS, LAC, F10)
    • blind nuts (B, BS)
    • miniature nuts (FE, FEO, FEX, FEOX, U, UL)
  • Pem_csap.pngself-clinching studs
    • threaded studs (FH, FHA, FHS, FH4)
    • threaded studs for thin sheet (TFH, TFHS)
    • threaded studs for close-to-edge (FHL, FHLS)
    • high-strength studs (HFH, HFHS, HFHB, HFE)
    • concealed head threaded stud to blind hole (CHA, CHC, CFHA, CFHC)
  • Pem_tvtart.pngself-clinching standoffs​​​​​​​
    • thru-hole threaded standoffs (SO, SOA, SOS, SO4)
    • blind threaded standoffs (BSO, BSOA, BSOS, BSO4)
    • standoffs for ultra thin sheets (TSO, TSOS, TSOA)
    • standoffs for close-to-edge (DSO, DSOS)
    • „Snap-Top” standoffs (SSA, SSC, SSS)
    • concealed head standoffs to blind hole (CSS, CSOS)
  • self-clinching pilot pins (TPS, TPS4)
  • Pem_elveszthetetlen_csavar.pngself-clinching panel fasteners (PFHV, PF10, PFC2, PFS2, PFC2P, PFC4, PF11, PF11M, PF11PM, PF12, PF12M, PF30, PF31, PF32, PF50, PF60, SCB, SCBJ)

For technical details find pages of PEM® catalogue.

Self-clinching fasteners for stainless steel sheets

Contrary to the beliefs, self-clinching fasteners made from stainless steel material are not surely suitable for installing into stainless steel metal sheets. For these applications PEM® range contains heat-treated stainless steel self-clinching fasteners.​​​​​​​

PEM® fasteners for stainless steel sheets:

  • self-clinching nut (SP) 
  • self-clinching threaded stud (FH4)
  • self-clinching pilot pin (TPS4)
  • self-clinching panel fastener (PFC4)
  • self-clinching standoffs (SO4, BSO4)
  • self-clinching SpotFast fastener (SFP)

Broaching fasteners for P.C. boards

Developing electronics industry made a demand to new generation fasteners are suitable to be installed into non metallic base materials. As a result PEM® designed a fastener range can be set into plastic and/or P.C. boards.​​​​​​​

PEM® fasteners for PCB sheets:

  • broaching nuts (KF2, KFS2, KPS6)
  • broaching threaded stud (KFH)
  • broaching standoffs (KFE, KFSE, KFB3)
  • broaching „Snap-Top” standoff (KSSB)
  • ReelFast SMT standoffs (SMTSO)
  • grounding standoffs (SOSG, SOAG)
  • broaching panel fastener (PFK)

Special self-clinching fasteners

Besides fasteners for general fastening usage the PEM® innovations offer self-clinching fasteners for specific functions also.

PEM® fasteners for special functions:

  • self-clinching „Keyhole” fasteners
  • self-clinching plunger assembly, spring loaded (PTL2, PSL2)
  • „R’Angle” right angle clinch fasteners (RAA, RAS)
  • self-clinching SpotFast fasteners (SF, SFP, SFW)
  • self-clinching cable tie mount hardware (TD, TDO)
  • flare-in nuts (RHB, HHB, RMHB)
  • projection weld nuts (WN, WNS)

For detailed geometric and required hole dimensions can be found in PEM® catalogue is available for download in PDF format from our website.