PEMSERTER® installation

PEMSERTER® presses have been developed to install PEM® self-clinching fasteners. Manual or automatic feed tooling sets are exist for almost all PEM® made fasteners to press in with which you can settle self-clinching parts effectively and constant high quality on PEMSERTER® presses. There are simple pneumatic press for manual feed, hydro-pneumatic and servo electromechanical presses for manual and automatic feed and fastener feeding system for in-die clinching so you can easily find the most suited to your company’s production volume from the range of installation equipments

PEMSERTER® Series 4 press

Pemserter.pngPEMSERTER® Series 4 is a pneumatic manual feed press with lockable storage cabinet-stand, resettable cycle counter, laser pointer, and with reliable integral point-of-operation safety system, 457mm throat depth and maximum 53.4 kN ram force which allow insertion into steel up to M10 fastener sizes, to softer material up to M12. Easy to use with minimal maintenance requirements features the press, so essential accessory for sheet metal worker companies produces in small- and medium serial.

Optionally available QX4 manual turret tool system allows installing 4 different types of fastener with one grab of workpiece.


  • integral point-of-operation safety
  • tooling exchange within 2 minutes
  • 457mm throat depth
  • parts tray holder
  • 650 cycle/hour insertion (depending on operator and workpiece)
  • QX4 manual turret tool system as option
  • CE certificate

Ram force:  max. 53.4kN
System type:  pneumatic / lever
Air requirement:  6-7bar, 2,79 liter/ciklus
Height (on stand): 1676mm
Width:  660mm
Depth:  940mm
Weight (w. stand): 372kg