TV lift & further products

TV lift (DBLIFT-0127)

TV-lift is an electro-mechanical lift mechanism to move up and down LCD or plasma TVs. Using the product televisions can be aesthetically hides into furniture when they are not watched. The operation of lift mechanism is handled by remote control.

tv_lift.pngMain features:

  • Load rating up to 54kg
  • Lifting travel 864mm
  • Accommodates most TVs up to 50” (diagonal measurement) and up to 85cm tall
  • Raises to fully extended position in 15 seconds
  • Pre-wired and pre-mounted to backboard for easy installation
  • TV mounting brackets as option
  • 2 remote controllers
  • Built in auto-reverse safety feature
  • CE approved components
  • Fixing hardware includedmaximális teherbírás 54 kg


Monitor lift (DBLIFT-0019)

DBLIFT-0019.pngMonitor lift is an easy operable push to open mechanical lift developed to hide LCD monitors and small LCD TVs (max.6, 5kg) into furniture.
Usage is ideal in multi-purpose tables if space requirements or aesthetical reasons need to hide screens into desk. (e.g. in libraries, conference rooms, educational institutions, banks, shops, homes, etc.).

Main features:

  • Push to open and close mechanical lift, it does not require electricity
  • Suitable for screens weighing 2,5-6,5 kg, up to 22” (diagonal measurement) and up to 450mm high
  • Lifting travel 538mm
  • Swivel +/- 112.5°
  • Raises to fully extended position in under 2 seconds
  • Wire management and cable control kit included
  • Fixing hardware included
  • Damper and weights control movement. Adding or removing counterweights movement can be refined to the monitor's weight. The package includes one weight pack.
  • RoHS compliance
  • Available accessories:
    • weight packs (10pcs of 110g weight)
    • weight bracket for more than 2 packs
    • fixed VESA bracket
    • 18° tilt VESA bracket

CPU holders

EGCPUH-201.pngWith CPU holders the computer is held off the floor, well away from feet, dust and static and yet is easy to reach. Ideal for height adjusting desk systems, CPU moves with the desk top and prevents cable stretching. It can be retrofit to any table.

Main features:

  • Straps hold most shapes and sizes of CPU up to 34kg in weight and 163cm perimeter
  • Fix and swivel versions
  • Soft gripper feet hold the CPU firmly
  • Vertical CPU mounting standard, horizontal mounting with optional adapter plate34kg súlyig és 163cm kerületű számítógépházig használható.

Cable carriersDZCC11-AD.png

With cable carrier usage you can prevent the accidental cable injury or disconnection when you pull drawer out with electrical unit.