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  • PC.35 – panel support clamp

    PC.35 – panel support clamp

    This Elesa+Ganter product were designed to allow fixing later any safety panels on machines are built from ITEM or Bosch aluminium profile systems. Besides, it could be a perfect, aesthetical solution to fix health guarding plexi panels onto the upper surface of customer service desks.

  • Seeger DIN 6799 retaining rings on rod

    Seeger DIN 6799 retaining rings on rod

    We would like to draw our partner’s attention to the easy assembly method of Seeger DIN 6799 retaining rings. Handling and assembling of small E-type clips can be very difficult. That’s why these Seeger rings up to 10mm diameters are available not only in separate single pieces but assembled onto rods. Using an applicator and a dispenser in appropriate size allows the quick and easy pick up and installation of the ring.

  • SK4 – self-clinching KEYHOLE® fasteners

    SK4 – self-clinching KEYHOLE® fasteners

    This version of PEM® KEYHOLE® fasteners are designed to press them into stainless steel sheets. The product itself allows that a PC board or panel can be quickly slipped into place and then removed by simply sliding the board sideways and lifting it off.

  • Southco – new website

    Southco – new website

    Finding and choosing the appropriate product for a specific application is not so easy. Southco developed its website keeping all of these in the eye resulting a simple and clean web design with more new user friendly features.

  • BMS - snap door lock

    BMS - snap door lock

    The BMS snap door lock allows the closure of swing doors in a quick and easy way. BMS.32 version has pull-to-open feature for simple opening while BMS.L-32 version has a sliding lever for manual release. Door lock can be mounted by using M4 TCEI screws.

  • DS3031 - telescopic slide upto 300°C

    DS3031 - telescopic slide upto 300°C

    DS3031 telescopic ball bearing slide range is the answer for customer demands of high temperature usage. This full stainless steel slide range can be used upto 300°C with maximum 80kg load capacity.

  • GN 238 - adjustable hinge with screw-cover

    GN 238 - adjustable hinge with screw-cover

    A GN 238 hinge provides aesthetic fixing for doors by hiding head of screws with screw-cover. One or two sided adjustable versions allow perfect door positioning and easy assembly. This series is available in three sizes in gray or black colour.

  • MPE, MPR - folding handles

    MPE, MPR - folding handles

    Novelties of Elesa + Ganter are the MPE self-folding handle by return spring and its modified version is MPR with recessed tray allowing low-profile mount for applications. The handle and the body are produced from glass-fibre reinforced technopolymer in black colour.